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Welcome to EyeOnWater
Powered by Badger Meter in association with your water utility, EyeOnWater lets you connect to supported water utility accounts to you see how much water you’re using and can even alert you to possible leaks on your property.

What you'll need to use EyeOnWater
EyeOnWater is a cloud-based application accessed through a standard web browser or through our smartphone applications. Internet access is required. Your user login credentials provide secure access to your water consumption information.
When creating your account, you’ll need your water service Account ID (some utilities call them Customer Numbers). You’ll find it on you water bill. If your ID includes hyphens, trailing or leading zeros and non-numeric characters (letters), you may need to include them or omit them. When in doubt, consult your utility to learn which number to use when creating an EyeOnWater account.
Supported browsers
For best results, use the latest and next previous major releases of Google® Chrome, Microsoft® Edge™, Mozilla® Firefox®, Microsoft® Internet Explorer® (IE 11 only) or Apple® Safari®.
Smartphone apps
EyeOnWater is also available as a smartphone app for Android (7.0 and higher) and iOS (15.0 and higher).

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We use an automated translation plug-in to make EyeOnWater help available to users from all over the world. Translation accuracy may vary.