How do we add an account to our EyeOnWater dashboard?
Log into EyeOnWater.com using a web browser. Click Link More Accounts above the At a Glance section, and follow the prompts.

We have multiple water accounts. How can we see them all from our EyeOnWater dashboard?
Ask your utility to add all of your accounts to your EyeOnWater account. Once that’s done, follow these steps to see all of your accounts from a single dashboard.

        1. Sign into EyeOnWater. The number circled in red next to the address shows the total number of meters connected to your dashboard.
        2. Click the address at the top of your dashboard to reveal all of the meters associated with your account.
        3. Select the meter you want to monitor by clicking the appropriate box.

We have water accounts with more than one utility. Is it possible to see consumption data in EyeOnWater (EOW) when different utilities supply water to some of our accounts?
Yes. You can link separate EyeOnWater dashboards to accounts in any number of water utilities. For example, if you have accounts with ACME Water and City Water, follow these steps to create an EyeOnWater account with Acme Water. Then repeat the process to create another account with City Water.


  • EyeOnWater uses your service area zip or postal code to match your account number to a water utility. If there is more than one utility in a given zip code, select your water company via the utility list.
  • EyeOnWater lets you use the same email address as your user name for accounts with different water utilities.
  • You can also use the same or different passwords for accounts with different utilities. If you used the same password for each utility, to view accounts with a given water company, select that company from the list.
  • To change or reset your password(s), click the Forgot Password link, check your email inbox for separate reset password emails.

Why are some bars gray in the consumption graph, and why do they say there is missing hourly data? If you see a gray bar or the words “Missing Hourly Data” when hovering your cursor over a bar in the Consumption Graph, it means that there was a momentary break in communication between EyeOnWater and your meter. When communication was re-established, the system measured the amount of water that was used between the hours that the gap occurred and evenly distributed it across the gap.

estimated reads
In this example, the Consumption Graph shows hourly data for February 7. Between the hours of 4 a.m. and noon, you can see gray bars with evenly spaced consumption of 10 gallons at each hour. Hovering the cursor over the bar for each of those hours reveals that at 11 a.m. communication between the meter and EyeOnWater was re-established. You can tell by the absence of the words “Missing Hourly Data” and “Estimated” in the overlay for the bar at 11 a.m.

Notice that at 4 a.m. the Read was 152930 (see the previous image) and that at 11 a.m. the Read was 153000, indicating a total of 70 gallons was used between those hours. Due to the communication break, the system doesn’t know exactly when all 70 gallons were used, so it evenly distributed them in seven 10 gallon increments between 4 a.m. and 10 a.m.

I personalized EyeOnWater by uploading a picture of myself. How can I change my picture?
Go here, sign in using the email you use for EyeOnWater and click Add a new image. Follow the prompts to upload, take or choose a new picture.

What do we do if we can’t find our account or customer number to create an account?
Some utilities want you to use your account number or customer number as they appear on your water bill. Others don’t want you to include leading zeros or non-numeric characters. If you don’t know which number to use, please contact your water utility directly. Their customer service number is usually located on your water bill or posted on their website.

If the system still can’t find your account number, contact your utility to verify that they installed the metering technology used by EyeOnWater and entered your account information into our system.

We're trying to create an account and the system can't find us. What should we do?
If the system cannot find you, it could be because your utility hasn’t completed the process of entering your account info into our system or they haven’t installed the metering technology used by EyeOnWater. Another possible culprit is that the system didn’t find your ZIP or Postal Code. If you get your water bill at a different ZIP/Postal Code, try entering that number followed by your account ID.

If you don’t receive the account verification email, check your spam folder. Remember, the link to verify your email account expires after 24 hours, so be sure to click it when you first receive it.

If the link has expired, go to EyeOnWater.com, click Forgot Password? Enter your email address and click Email Me.

If you send us feedback/ask a question, and you use a spam blocker, be sure to add Badgermeter.com to your list of approved domains. Failure to do so will prevent us from responding to your questions.

When creating an account we received a message that said, Your user is not associated with a dashboard, please contact your administrator. What should we do?
This message means that some aspect of your account data changed and severed the link between the account and EyeOnWater. For assistance, please contact your utility or use the Got a Question form on the right to contact us.

What does No endpoints associated with this account mean?
Endpoints send reads and meter data to EyeOnWater. To use EyeOnWater, an endpoint must be connected to your meter and associated with your account. If you see this message, contact your utility for assistance.

How do we change the email address associated with our EyeOnWater account?
If you log into EyeOnWater through the US web portal or the Canadian web portal, click the profile circle in the upper right corner, select Change Email, and follow the prompts.

If you use EyeOnWater for iOS (requires version 2.13.4) or EyeOnWater for Android (requires version 2.8.xxx), do the following:

  • Select Settings > Change Email Address.
  • Enter the desired email address.
  • Select Continue.
  • Accept the terms of use.
  • Select Submit.
  • Open the email sent to the provided new email address and open the link.
  • Return to the app and select “I’ve verified my email.”
  • Log in with your new email address.

Note: Whether you use the web portal or one of the EyeOnWater smartphone apps, if you have EyeOnWater accounts in different water companies, you will receive separate emails for each company.

If you access EyeOnWater through your water company’s billing portal, contact your water company directly to change your EyeOnWater username/email address.

How can we delete our EyeOnWater account?
A: Please contact your water utility directly.

We have a question about our bill. Who should we contact?
A: Please contact your water utility directly.

What if we don't know the name our water utility or how to contact them?
Look at your water bill to find the name of the utility company that provides water service to you. Their customer service contact information will typically be located on the bill. If you still can’t find their contact information, search the Internet using Google, Bing or other search engine.

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