EyeOnWater for iOS

The EyeOnWater iOS app, like its web-based counterpart eyeonwater.com, lets you connect to supported water utility accounts, giving you visibility into your water usage and alerting you to potential leaks – all from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

The EyeOnWater app is organized in pages: Overview, Usage and Account. To access them, you must first sign in or create a new account if you do not already have one.

Use these links to jump to step-by-step instructions on how to use each page of the app:

  • Sign Up, Log In. How to create an account, log into an existing account and reset your password if you forget it.
  • Overview. See whether you have a potential leak, and quickly compare weekly water use and contact your utility.
  • Usage. Get details on your hourly, daily, weekly and monthly water use history and discover trends.
  • Account. See vital account details, including your Account and Meter Number(s) and get a map view showing your Account Location(s).


Welcome to EyeOnWater

The Welcome screen greets you the first time you open the app. From this screen you can: Log In to an existing account, Sign Up for a new account and preview the full functionality of the app using a demo account.


Log In
Use this button if you already have an EyeOnWater account. Enter your Username and Password, then tap Log In.

TIP: Tap the icon (circled in red) in the Password field to toggle the visibility of your password.

If you forget your password, from the Log In page, tap Forgot Password, and follow the prompts to reset your password.

Sign Up

Tap Sign Up to begin creating a new EyeOnWater account.

Enter the ZIP or Postal Code of the location where your utility delivers water or with Location Services on tap Use my current location to allow EyeOnWater to look up the utilities that deliver water service to the area.

NOTE: EyeOnWater does not use your location for any purpose other than to find your utility.

Tap to select your utility from the list. If you don’t see your utility, check that you entered the right ZIP or Postal Code. If you still don’t see your utility, contact them to verify that they use the system that powers EyeOnWater.

Review and Confirm your selection or tap Go Back to pick a different utility.

Enter your account number as it appears on your water bill.

If you don’t know where to look for your account number, tap Where can I find my account number?

TIP: Some utilities use a “customer” number in place of an “account” number. Others just use the digits before or after a hyphen. When in doubt, ask your utility which number to use when creating an EyeOnWater account.



When you are done, tap Close, finish entering your account number and then tap Continue.

Review and verify your account number by tapping Yes, That’s Me or tap Go Back to enter a different account number.

Finish creating your account by entering a username, email address and a password that is at least 8 characters long.

Read and check the box to accept the Terms of Use, and tap Next. Follow the on-screen instructions to send a verification email. After opening the verify link in the email, return to the EyeOnWater app and tap I’ve Verified My Email, or login from the Welcome screen and return to the Verify Your Email screen. Tap I’ve Verified My Email.

From the Log In screen, enter your username and password and tap Log In to start using EyeOnWater.

Account Menu

Tap the arrow in the upper left corner to see your EyeOnWater Accounts and Settings and to get Help.


Tap Help to open this user guide.
Tap Settings to:

  • See the email address associated with EyeOnWater.
  • View the EyeOnWater Terms of Use and Privacy Statement.
  • Sign out.
  • See the version number of the app.

Tap Close to continue using EyeOnWater.


Using EyeOnWater for iOS

EyeOnWater is organized in three sections or pages: Overview, Usage and Account. Use the corresponding buttons located along the bottom of the screen to jump to any section.

The name associated with your EyeOnWater account is displayed at the top of the screen. When more than one location is linked to your EyeOnWater account, the number of locations is displayed under your name.

TIP: To add locations to EyeOnWater, contact your utility using the links in the Customer Service section of the Overview page.

If you have more than one location linked to EyeOnWater, use the Account menu to view usage at different locations.

Tapping ALL Accounts opens the Locations page. Tap a Location to select it, and tap Done to view it on the Overview and Usage pages.


From the Overview screen you can:

Tap anywhere on the card to get more leaks details.
TIP: Tap any card with an arrow in the upper right corner to see more details.

  • If you have more than one account, use the drop-down menu to jump to the Accounts page and select the location you want to view.
  • Quickly see how your current usage compares to that of the previous week.
  • See a graph of your water use for each day of the current week.


Green dots indicate lower usage than the previous week on that day. In the example above, usage on Saturday and Sunday was lower than during those days of the previous week. Tap the arrow in the upper right corner to jump to the Usage page.

  • Contact your utility customer service center using convenient links:
      • Website opens your utility’s web page in Safari
      • Call initiates a phone call to your utility
      • Email opens an email, automatically addressed to your utility.


The Usage page lets you quickly get a Graph, Calendar and Savings Calculator view of your usage history.

Tap Graph to see a graphical representation of water use. Tapping Day, Week, Month, Year or All lets you see your:

  • Usage for a Day.
  • Usage for a Week (shown below).
  • Usage for a Month.
  • Usage for the Year.
  • Usage for each year your account has been active.From any of these screens, tap to select a day, week, month or year and see how much water you used. Current selections are blue, while other bars of the graph are gray and remain visible to allow you to compare usage.

    In this example, the week of March 26 – April 1 is shown. The overall usage for the week was 929 gallons. Tap the bar for a given day to see how much water was used that day. Wednesday is shown.

    TIP: To compare usage on different days, weeks, months or years, swipe and keep touching the screen. The vertical scale of the graph changes when you stop touching the screen. In the gif above, notice the maximum use for the week of May 28 – Jun 3 is 184 gallons. The next week’s maximum is 580 gallons. Continuing to touch the screen retains the scale from the previous week, giving a better comparison between screens.


Tap the Calendar section of the Usage page home screen to see your usage trends as a “heat map” in which light blue dots indicate less use, darker blue dots indicate more use. Red dots denote leaks. Tap the i to open the Usage Key .


NOTE: For any given day, the color of each dot is determined by comparing that day’s consumption to a rolling average of the previous 30 day’s usage.

Tap to see more detail for any given month or day.

Savings Calculator

The Savings Calculator lets you see how much water would be saved if you performed the listed tasks. To get started, tap the Savings Calculator icon, then tap anywhere in the Location Profile box to add details about your premise. EyeOnWater will use your location profile to more accurately calculate savings estimates.

After creating a Location Profile, select actions to estimate savings.


The Account page lets you see your utility company name and your account details. In addition, your account location is displayed on a map along with your meter ID number.

NOTE: Locations can have more than one water meter. If yours has more than one meter, their Meter IDs will be displayed in the Account Locations section.

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