Powered by Badger Meter in association with your water utility, EyeOnWater lets you see how much water you’re using and can even alert you to possible leaks on your property.

System Requirements
EyeOnWater is a cloud-based application accessed through a standard web browser. Internet access is required. Your user login credentials provide secure access to your water consumption information.

Supported web browsers include the latest and next previous major releases of Google® Chrome, Microsoft® Edge™, Mozilla® Firefox®, Microsoft® Internet Explorer® (IE 11 only); and Apple® Safari®.

EyeOnWater smartphone applications require Android 7.0 or iOS 15.0 or higher, and can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Maximum screen density for Android smartphone applications is 640 ppi.

About Badger Meter, Inc.
A leading innovator in flow measurement and control products, Badger Meter serves water utilities, municipalities and commercial and industrial customers worldwide. Measuring water, oil, chemicals, and other fluids, Badger Meter products are known for accuracy, long-lasting durability and for providing valuable and timely measurement data. For more information, visit http://www.badgermeter.com.

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Language Translation Disclaimer:
We use an automated translation plug-in to make EyeOnWater help available to users from all over the world. Translation accuracy may vary.